Not long now….

At my appointment with my midwife on Monday she discovered that the lil Peanut already has her head between 2 and 3 5ths engaged!! That means she is halfway down into her exit position. It’s nothing to worry about but usually at this point babies are head down but not at all engaged.
I’m told she could change her mind and pop out but she could also decide to make an early departure from her current cosy accommodation.
This has prompted me to pack a few things for the hospital just in case. It also explains why over the past week I feel like I’ve been able to eat more than a couple of mouthfuls and as though the baby might fall out! Unlikely and wishful thinking I know.

Over the last week we have also had 16.5hrs of antenatal classes. It has been quite intensive but also quite good fun and I think we may have met some potential friends along the way.
We’ve both learnt a few things at the classes but what I think has become most obvious to me is that Peter and I are both pretty calm about our impending arrival and confident that we have the support around us that we need to help when things get tough.


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