A day in the life of me at 36weeks

Now that getting up from the sofa is quite tricky i’m spending most of my time bouncing around on my birthing/gym ball. Peter seems to quite like it aswell as I often find him bouncing around on it. Catfink is not such a fan.

I tend to wake up at about 5am every morning starving hungry and so have to get up and have breakfast number one (a mixture of Crunchy Bran, Fruit and Fibre and a chopped up banana with masses of milk). At around 1 or 2pm i start struggling to keep my eyes open and so have to have a wee snoozypoozy to keep me going!!

I tend not to be hungry in the evenings but I’ve been trying to pamper Peter by playing the role of the perfect housewife while I can still manage it. He’s had homecooked dinners ready for him getting home from work every night since I stopped travelling in to the office. 

Regardless of what happens i’m in bed by 10pm with a large glass of milk and a book and asleep by 11.


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