38/39 weeks

So, not long at all now until we get to meet our little peanut. I’m feeling quite calm about it all and despite the discomfort, I’m happy for her to stay put for a couple more weeks. Baby is head down, fully engaged and ready to rock and roll. She is measuring on the 50th percentile line for size and is apparently swimming about in quite alot of fluid in there still. It doesn’t feel like it when she is stretching out and pushing her little feet into my ribs though! 

I’m measuring 105cm around my waist and weighing in at a mighty 12stone 3lbs!!

It has only really been in the last week or two that i’ve begun to really feel uncomfortable and struggle with things like getting off the sofa or out of the bath. Driving is pretty tricky now too. I’m pleased I’ve now got a car in which the seating position is much more upright. I really can’t drive Peter’s car any longer because it is too low and Anna literally had to drag me out of her Golf last week! 

Peter is currently like a toddler just before christmas. He has been talking to my bump telling her that its time to come out now. He makes me cups of Raspberry leaf tea and encourages me to bounce about on my birthing ball, he has gotten the moses basket ready and investigated the steriliser and bottles.

I have to keep him entertained with little jobs to do or else he just sits around staring at me and the bump and asking when is she going to come out. I really have never known him to be sooo impatient!

Other than that I don’t really think there is alot to tell. We’ve bought or been given pretty much everything we need (or want) so I am I just putting my feet up and chilling out. Well,  in between going along to Babies and Bumps, Aqua Natal, Nappuchino and Yummy Mummies! I figure that going along now will take a bit of the fear out of going to these things when I’ve also got a new baby with me and have had no sleep.


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