40 Weeks!

So, the Peanut’s due date has arrived and no action as yet. After weeks of the midwife saying that the baby could turn up any day I think lots of people thought I wouldn’t make it this far.

I’ve always been convinced that this baby won’t be born until March so i’m not at all surprised or disappointed. I’m quite enjoying having a relaxed time meeting friends for coffee, going to Aqua and shopping so i’m not really in any rush. I don’t seem to be quite as uncomfortable as other people get at this stage yet.

I have however been going for walks, drinking red raspberry tea and taking the capsules, bouncing on my gym ball and everything else that is on the list of things to do to encourage your baby out except the ones that cause an upset stomach. I don’t really believe that any of them will work though.

I am booked in for a membrane sweep on Monday and according to the midwife 50% of women go into labour within 48hrs of it being performed. My friends Fay and Jane are also booked in on the same day so February could become an expensive month for birthdays!


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