The first two weeks

So, there have been a few minor dramas with me which  have meant I’ve spent a little more time than i’d have liked back in doctors surgeries and hospitals but all is well with Sienna.

From day one she has happily slept for around three hours once she’s got a full belly. The tricky thing is it can take an hour or hour and a half including nappy changes and burping to get that full feed in her.

We’ve experienced a poo explosion where the naappy just couldnt contain the force with which the little madam expelled it so it all shot out the leg holes. Covering me, her and our bed.

We’ve both learned to do high speed nappy changes after being wee’d on numerous times and we’ve leaned never to go anywhere without a muslin at the ready.

Peter has been absolutely amazing at taking care of both Sienna and I. He sorted every meal (we had quite a few dropped off for us – thanks Mum and Aunt B), cleaned, washed, changed nappies, went to the shops and provided cuddles for both of us as and when required. Definitely a hands on Dad.

I tried to make it out to Babies and Bumps on the first day that Peter went back to work. I quickly discovered that this was waay too ambitious for my first day on my own with a baby and so I settled on just getting us both washed, dressed and fed and putting on a couple of loads of washing. Hopefully this week I’ll make it out!


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