Baby Massage

Sienna and I signed up for baby massage with a  couple of NCT buddies and Mila-Rose and Aunty Fay. 

Its a six week course run by the lovely Hayley from Sole Nutrition and is intended to help with lots of things such as wind and colic, it aids sleep and digestion and its also a nice way for me and Sienna to hang out together and get to know each other better.

The little lady seemed to enjoy her pampering session and didn’t cry until it was time to put her clothes back on because she was ready for some food and drink.

The group at the class is nice and small so its really lovely and friendly. There is a little tea shop up the road that welcomes mums and babies so Marge, Caitlin Sienna and I went along there with a girl we met at the class and her baby boy George who is 16 weeks old. The lovely lady in the shop looked at all the babies and thought Sienna was the oldest!! I blame her big chubby cheeks that she gets from daddy…..


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