The Battle of the Bottle

Over the last two weeks Sienna has been on bottle strike. This self induced cold turkey occurred after we tried her on a bottle of formula.

At first she happily started drinking it as though it was her usual bedtime bottle of breast milk. She had about 50mls (2oz) and then conked out. We thought we’d hit the jackpot and were congratulating each other until she woke up about 2 minutes later and we tried to give her a little more. It was as though we were trying to poison her. Full on, red faced, screaming!!

From that point she point blank refused a bottle. Even the sight of a bottle made her go rigid and start whining.

I have been determined to coax her back on to the bottle do have been trying to find a formula/temperature/teat/position combination that she will tolerate. As you can see from the picture there have been alot. Mam, Avent, Nuk, Medela. Silicone and latex teats.
After waaaayy too many screaming sessions we’ve abandoned formula for a while and are just concentrating on getting her back on the bottle.

I honestly had never imagined that there could be soo many different bottle options or that they could be soo different.

I also never imagined that a 10week old baby could have such strong opinions on what she does and doesn’t like!!

So, we seem to have made a small break through today with the Mam teats. She has had a couple of small bottles though not without showing her distaste first.

Hopefully, she’ll slowly come around to our way of thinking so that I don’t have to breastfeed her when she has a full set of teeth!!!


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