The Battle of the Bottle….continued

I thought I’d update on our progress with the bottle…

Today we had a break through!A couple of people (Rosie and Rachael) mentioned slipping Sienna the bottle as a dream feed. For some reason I originally had it in my head that i would have to do this at night time. Doh! Babies are always snoozing!

After babies and bumps I decided that the only milk Sienna would be getting would come from a bottle. She had her last boob feed at 11am so I knew she would be ready for some more just after I got home at 12:30. I got everything ready so all was calm and then tried to feed her the bottle. Massive, huge, gigantic fail. She started crying the moment the teat touched her lips!! I refused to give in so she fell asleep without a feed.

Then this idea of the dream feed crossed my mind and I decided to give it a try. Again I got everything ready and then I sat and watched for her to start stirring. The moment she did i warmed up the milk and slipped the bottle in her mouth with bated breath………it worked!!! She downed the 2oz in the bottle and then woke up. I warmed another 2oz and gave it to her while she was awake and she drank it all without a peep so i warmed another 2 and she managed 1.5. A-mazing-ing!!!

I then bottle fed her all afternoon and evening until her last feed before bed. Just to make sure. She took one feed from Peter too.

So, fingers crossed we now have her back on the bottle wagon. Formula will be the next hurdle to overcome but i think we’ll wait quite a while before trying that again……


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