Three Months

The most significant changes since last month are toes and teeth related. Sienna has found her feet and quite likes hanging on to them. This is particularly useful when we’re changing her nappy! Ha ha. She really seems to like holding on to things now but of course she is still totally uncoordinated so cant quite manage to grab the things she’d like to which obviously frustrates her occasionally.

The other development has been teething pain. I wasn’t entirely convinced at first that the rosy cheeks and constant dribbling and chewing on things were a sign she was teething because she seems soo young. However, all the usual things to sooth teething do appear to make her feel better and as the days have gone past we can see that she is clearly in some pain or discomfort from her mouth.

During the particularly hot weather we had recently Sienna didn’t do too badly. She still managed to sleep really well and had no problem feeding and playing. I think it is because of her carribean roots! Hopefully this means that if we do decide to go on holiday this year that she will be ok.

Finally, bottle feeding is getting better and better everyday. She now takes the bottle without putting up a fight at all so we’ve felt brave enough to give her a bottle when we’ve been out. This has been really useful when we’ve been to places where I don’t feel that comfortable breast feeding her. We’re going to give her another week of bottles of breast milk and then we’re going to try formula again. Hopefully it doesn’t turn her off bottles completely again….   


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