Four Months Already!

Since last month Sienna has started getting super wriggly and bendy!! Changing her nappy and dressing her is pretty tricky because se wants to grab hold of everything and look around the room. It seems that she has only just discovered that there are things above her head and so she is constantly throwing her head back and bending right back to see what is up there!!! Blowing raspberries is one of her favourite pastimes but as a result she is constantly covered in dribble which is making her neck very very red and sore. Bibs just seem to make it worse so we’re just trying to keep her as dry as possible and massaging E45 cream in regularly. When at the Dr recently he noticed dry patches on Sienna’s elbows and at the backs of her knees and told me that she has Eczema. We had just thought it was normal for babies to have skin that is a bit dry. So the lovely smelling Johnsons Bedtime Bath has had to be thrown away. We have gone back to bathing her in just plain water. As well as having a good look around Sienna is now reaching for specific things that interest her. Nothing is safe any longer!! Her newest trick is rolling over. For ages she would get as far as lying on her side and then give up but at 18weeks she finally did it. The problem is that she hasnt worked out how to roll back yet and she gets quite tired and fed up after about 5minutes of being on her tummy. She has gone from happily sleeping 9hrs at night to waking up every two or three hours to practice her new trick but then crying a d waking me up when she gets stuck!!


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