To wean or not to wean? (by besadani)

Over the last week Sienna had started waking two or three times a night looking for food. This has been quite a shock to the system for me because she has always been a pretty good sleeper and started sleeping through the night from 8weeks.

We’ve been trying to hold off weaning until as close as we can to the recommended 6months (she will be 5months on Friday)but thought that maybe this new nighttime waking was a sign we needed to start.

So here she is having her first taste of baby rice. She doesn’t seem impressed. Everything is pretty speedily ejected!

We’ve since been advised by a couple of other mums that maybe we just need to up her daytime feeds a bit more. I tried this yesterday and it seemed to work. She slept 9hrs before waking for food so hopefully I can go back to getting a decent amount of sleep. Well, until the next development happens!


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