Olympics – London 2012

We thought we should take Sienna to London for a bit of Olympic action so we drove down to Stanmore and got the tube in with Nic and Jane. After my last experience in London with a baby there was not a chance that I was going to take the pushchair so we strapped the little lady on and off we went.

We headed to Buckingham Palace to seed the speed walking first. They were walking faster than I run!! The way they wiggled their bums was very funny.

Then we walked to Hyde Park and Sienna had a nap en route. Once we were settled with food and beers she came back to life. It was a bit tricky keeping her protected from the sun but we managed to weight down a brolly for a bit of shade.

Lovely Anna then came to meet us for a quick G&T and a boogie, bringing with her a cute little outfit for Sienna.

All in all it was a lovely day out. The carrier was an absolute must and  breastfeeding saved us alot of hassle too because trying to stop and find places to warm bottles would have been pretty inconvenient as everywhere was jam packed.  I guess we could have carried hot water with us but we were trying to be pretty minamalist and not be weighed down with baby stuff.

For the day out we took:

3nappies, 3nappy bags, a change of clothes, a blanket, A dummy, suncream, handwash, small pack of wipes, pouch of food and a spoon, a carton of milk and a bottle just in case.

We only needed one nappy and didn’t need the milk and bottle or food.


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