We have a tooth!!

Well, the tip of a tooth poking through the gums.

For the last 10wks we’ve been wondering is she or isn’t she teething. There has been alot of dribbling going on for all of that time and bright red rosy cheeks on a few occasions but nothing else really.

The last two weeks have seen Sienna a little out of sorts however. Since being born Sienna has been a pretty good sleeper but over the last couple of weeks that has gone out of the window. She has been waking at least once but more often two or three times a night. One night she woke every two hours!! We’ve been totally confused knowing she’s warm dry and fed and hasn’t slept too much during the day. It all makes sense now though.

There have been no red cheeks or gums. No inconsolable crying, no refusing to feed. She has been twiddling her right ear but I think it’s just that she has recently discovered it!

The little peg was discovered when I was feeding her some butternut squash and the spoon made a noise as though it had hit something hard when she closed her mouth on it. On closer inspection after dinner I could clearly see and feel the little pearly white!! It’s a bit tricky to photograph yet. I think it needs to stick out a bit more.

It really makes me feel like she is no longer a little tiny baby. The cute gummy grin will soon be replaced by a set of gnashers!!


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