Sienna showing off her crawling skills

Well she’s managed it. This was Sienna yesterday morning pootling about in our dining room. Well, it used to be our dining room. The table is now pushed to one side so a certain little lady can wriggle, roll and now crawl about.

The baby seat, swing and Bumbo are now totally redundant because she hates to be strapped in to anything.

She is a bit speedier at her crawling when she is in the living room on the carpet but she manages to get herself into too much trouble in there. Noteably, trying to eat the coals on the fireplace and playing with the sky box!!

The result of all this shuffling about in her attempts to crawl is that she has little bruises on her knees and all up her legs!!

She is 28weeks(6months and 15days) old in the video


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