flying with a baby…

…..wasn’t soo bad. We decided to pack our usual pushchair in its carry case and strap Sienna on to us to get through the airport and I’m soo pleased we did. It meant we had a lot more luggage to check in:-2 cases, one pushchair and a carseat but because we were unfortunately flying with Ryanair, we knew that the gate for boarding would be right at the other end of the airport in the cheapest slot. All those years of doing lots and lots of traveling for work and pleasure came in handy and we were able to zip through security and then speed straight along to the gate whilst all the parents with pushchairs were having to que for lifts.

Sienna was fine on the flight too and slept for the majority of it but I do think that anything more than an hour and a half would have seen us with a very grumpy and screams baby.mainly because she is so used to being able to wriggle and crawl about now and there just wasn’t room to do that on the plane. It would have been a whole different ball game when she was 3months old and happy to lie in one spot.

All in all though it was a considerably less painful experience than I was expecting. I’m pretty certain that it will get trickier and tricker as the little monster gets bigger though……


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