The search for a group 1 car seat continues…….

This is honestly getting quite ridiculous now. I’ve now spent countless hours searching the internet and made three trips to Kiddiecare, one to Mothercare and one to Mamas and Papas. 

The problem it seems is that the seats in my car have cushioned bits that stick out. Most car seats have quite a large base plate and back rest to make them stable but on my seats that just makes them wobble! 

Mine are like the ones in the picture below but I have the three seat version. (its too cold outside to take a photo!!)

I need a seat with a very narrow back and base. I have tried Isofix seats but in addition to the very very expensive seat I have to buy something called a top tether to properly secure it which adds about an extra £20-£25.

So, I think i’ve whittled it down to two seats that have good reviews AND will fit in my car. One last trip to freeze at Kiddiecare this weekend and hopefully Sienna will have a comfy new seat to sit in!!


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