A huge plastic item has made it in to the house…..


We managed almost two years without any plastic monstrosities making it into the house. On Thursday it all changed. We were very kindly given this kitchen plus a carrier bag full of pots, pans and pretend food items by a lovely lady in the village.

We are of course very grateful but quite surprised by how big it is! We had decided it can’t possibly stay because it’s sooo large but then Sienna saw it. It was love at first sight. She busied herself with cooking something up in a frying pan straight away then popped on an oven glove and took something out of the little oven!! She put whatever it was on a plate and then poured Peter and I drinks of water from the little pretend tap and gave them to us to drink. We were both a bit stunned but went along with the game. When we finished she took them from us, rinsed them in the sink and then put them in the dishwasher bit!! We were gobsmacked!!!

Obviously we spend a lot of time hanging out in our kitchen and Sienna has been paying close attention to what goes on in there!!

I still think the item is too large for our house so we might acquire something similar but smaller. What it has done is made us see what she’s capeable of. As first time parents we don’t know what children can do when. All baby toys are now being packed away, she is clearly not a baby at all anymore.

So is this how it starts? You give in on one chunky plastic item and then before you know it you’ve got a house full???


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