The dilemma of the double pushchair……….

One of the first things that came into my mind when i became pregnant with baby O#2 was “I am not having a double buggy”. I’ve seen other mums pushing these mammoth things about and they just look cumbersome. I’ve always felt that  pushchairs are a bit of a nuisance in general which is one of the reasons why we often carry Sienna.Being restricted to ramps and lifts is really limiting so I can only imagine that this will be worse with a double pushchair.

It took us months of research to decide on which pushchair when we were having Sienna and we’re still pleased with our choice. Its really light, super easy to push and steer with one hand and she’s still very happy in it now. If only it was possible to fold in on piece rather than having to remove the seat first, it would be pretty perfect for us.

                                                     MONO CONFIG          DUO CONFIG
       ◄ 23″ 60CM ►             ◄ 23″ 60CM ►            ◄ 23″ 74CM ►
My initial thought when working out what to do with babe no.2 was to just get an even smaller and even more light weight pushchair that I could use for Sienna to snooze in or to keep her strapped in out of trouble whilst I carry baby no2. We tried out ALOT of buggies and eventually bought one – A Silver Cross Zest – to take on holiday with us  to try but none were ideal. Sienna definitely doesn’t sleep as well in it and you can’t push two handled buggies with one hand. How do you manage a shopping basket or hold a toddlers hand??
We will need something that can be used from birth so I can switch between little people depending on what we’re doing but most of the ones that can do that are as heavy as the travel system we already have, are generally longer don’t switch to parent facing and ultimately take up the same or more boot space. The only real exception to this was the smaller version of the brand we already have so I got my hands on a Bugaboo Bee to try out. It was an old 2009 model so didn’t have some of the new features but gave me a good insight into what it would be like. Overall it was good. Easy to push one handed, light and folds in one piece but its little wheels had a hard time on the not so great village footpaths and would never deal with snow. Not great for a baby due in January. So, once again, back to sticking with what we’ve got.
From this point I had been pretty set on sticking with my plan to use a sling and maybe a buggy board with a Twoo seat. But as I get closer to my due date, more and more people are asking me which double buggy i’m going to get and so the more unsure I become. I’ve looked into all the doubles that are out there and each time i come to the conclusion that they won’t work for us.
A tandem won’t fit on all the pathways in the village, won’t go through the gate to the park at all and shops and cafes are totally out of the question but at least both little people would have a nice view.
An inline would fit through the gate to the local park but the baby would practically be on the floor with the exhaust fumes, dogs, cats and vegetation. Because all the weight is up front its difficult to get up and down curbs quickly and easily. Not a very exciting view for baby in the back either.
The single footprint double seems like the perfect solution to alot of my concerns because they supposedly take up no more floor space than a single. No problem getting around the village, through the gate to the park or even maneuvering around shops or cafes. But, how on earth do I get baby no.2 in and out of that back seat? And, with all the weight up front there is that curb problem again (Sienna would never go in the back and have a restricted view) and am I going to be able to see clearly over the top! I’m only 5ft 4.
My biggest concern with this type is the centre of gravity. I’m pretty convinced that with the heavier one being on top of the other, it wouldn’t take much to de-stabalise the pushchair causing the whole thing to topple over. Maybe thats not the case so we should have a look at these.
Apple 2 Pear
 So, at the moment when people ask which pushchair i’m changing to my honest answer is that I’ll keep investigating the options that are out there from time to time but unless I find something markedly better, I’m sticking with what I’ve got.
Ask me again when baby no.2 is born…….

5 thoughts on “The dilemma of the double pushchair……….

  1. Phil and Teds all the way…. I was really concerned about them before I had phoebe then realised they are brilliant, very flexible. I loved that you can change between the two options depending on whether your older one still needs to sleep etc. We once did the ‘transformer’ thing between two tube stops on the london underground to the amazement of the other travellers! P stayed in the back in the cacoon (essential) for about 3m, then into the back seat. I thought it would be boring for her, but no! so long as you’re not still for a long time then it’s fine. Once P got bigger then J was walking more, but still sometimes needed a rest so then she was happy to go in the back seat as it was just for a one off and when she was tired anyway so then phoebe stayed sitting up front. The thing you have to think it that once you’ve got two you literally can’t pick up both at the same time so in a way you need the pushchair more than when you’ve only got one, plus you’ve got two children’s worth of stuff to carry more!! that said, I didn’t try out the donkey as bugaboo weren’t making that when we got the P&T. Much more practical than side by side if you think the older child likely to be walking quite a lot otherwise you end up with a lopsided pushchair to push.


  2. lots of people sell 2nd hand pushchairs in great condition. we bought out P&T on ebay from someone who worked in derby at rolls royce so could collect it. reduces the cost if you think you’ll not necessarily use it all the time. Really important to have a double for days out etc when both need to be able to sleep.


  3. What a load of nonsense. One of the first things that came to mind when finding out about having being blessed with another gift of life was most certainly not “I am not having a double buggy” surely the safety and well being of your children are the priority here. Yucky self righteous ‘mummy’s blog’ Overpriced prams that are not worthy of strolls through the local village to the shops and cafe! Pah. I will not be directed here again.


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