Any day now……


Well here’s me, ready to pop. You’re considered full term from 37wks and usually have until 42 weeks before baby is forcibly removed. Just like Sienna was.

I’m back in that time bracket again but feel a bit different about it all this time. I’m in no rush. The Nugget will arrive when they are ready.

For the most part, this pregnancy has been very similar to that with Sienna. I’ve had a few more illnesses and I haven’t gained as much weight (about 3stone last time, less than 2st so far this time) but that might be because I have a toddler to chase after and I haven’t drunk 2pints of milk a day this time!!

I don’t have much of an appetite and when I do eat I just feel sick and uncomfortable soon after.

Organising of the baby’s room and things has only really just been sorted. I’ve been super chilled about it until about two weeks ago when I suddenly decided that we should actually buy a few bits and have a plan. I had been totally happy to just sort the baby’s room well after he/she arrived. I guess that’s the nesting instinct.

People have started stalking me in search of news. Lots of messages and impromptu phone calls and visits to ask about this or that but then they usually fess up to just wanting to know if I’ve gone into labour yet! Ha ha! Very amusing.

I’d better waddle off and get myself a Red Raspberry tea with some dates before bed……..


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