Ditching the dummy…

Bedtime book and dummy
Bedtime book and dummy

Until she was 15 months old Sienna had no interest in dummies. I’m not really a fan of them but we had offered her one in moments of desperation when she was tiny and wouldn’t settle. She would just spit it straight out and carry on crying. Usually until she got more food!

Then she went to nursery and almost every other little person had a dummy so she wanted one. She would steal the other babies dummies so regularly that I eventually gave in and bought her own so that she wasn’t sharing quite so much saliva with the other children.

She’s only ever been allowed a dummy for sleeps and thankfully seems happy with that. When she wakes up she either hands over the dummy or pops it on the chest of drawers next to her bed.

The thing is I feel like its time for the dummy to go. I know that the longer she has one the more likely it is that her teeth will be affected. The safety benefits if it protecting her from SIDS are long gone and so they are just an extra item to clean and remember to pack. I realise that dummies can serve a purpose of helping babies to settle especially tiny babies in hospital but I just feel that Sienna doesn’t really need one and that the sooner we break the habit the easier it will be.

When she has a cold she can’t breathe and suck on it at the same time which then upsets her and she gets upset if it falls out of her bed. Just a snotty, dirt and bug harbouring nuisance. The dummy not Sienna.

So, I’m wondering how to do away with the dummy with the least amount of upset for everyone? I’ve started telling Sienna that when she’s two she’ll be a big girl and won’t need it anymore but I don’t think she realises my plan to bin it! Do we just go cold turkey? Do I tell her it’s lost? Do we gradually drop it from daytime naps and then bedtime?

confused as to the best approach……


2 thoughts on “Ditching the dummy…

  1. just saw this and sadly a little too late for Christmas. We boxed all emilys up at Christmas and put them by the chimney for santa to “take to children who needed them”. It worked a treat and she never missed them!!! Good Luck!xxx


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