Having a baby 2nd time around……

Lots of mums have a hard time birthing baby number one, me included. Bullied into induction Ispent 2 days labouring and then a few months recovering.

Second time around I was determined to be well informed and be brave enough to ask questions of all the medical professionals involved.

I was overdue and had been booked for induction by my Consultant despite me saying that I didn’t want this. I was asked to attend my appointment for a discussion regardless. As things turned out I was rudely awoken on the morning of the appointment by what i instantly recognised as a contraction. It was 5:50am and I knew that the sensible thing to do was ignore it and go back to sleep.20 minutes later the same thing happened again and I just knew that this was it.

I decided not to tell anyone and just carry on with my day as normal. I visited a friend, filled my car with fuel and then attended my acupuncture appointment. All the while the mild contractions continued to be 20mins apart.

When we arrived for my induction appointment at the hospital just after lunch disbelief rippled through the room when stated that i wasn’t going to be induced. The midwives all agreed but  we received quite a lecture – a telling off even – from both the Registra and the Consultant in charge and i had to consent to a thorough exam/sweep before leaving.

By the time we were walking out my contractions were 4mins apart and lasting 30seconds. When we got home and i got into the bath they were 1-2mins apart and lasting a minute so after 30mins we made the agonising trip back to the hospital. Upon examination at 1915 i was 3-4cm. another bath, some entonox and a fair bit of pain later, our little lady was born at 11pm.

This time around I managed to escape unscathed. No cuts or tears. Clamping of the cord was delayed and then I cut it. After a shower and a fresh set of PJ’s I comfortably settled down with a cup of tea and a few slices of buttery toast. Before spending the night bonding with and feeding our newest addition.

My only regret is leaving my iPhone charger in the wall and not getting the name of the album that was playing when our baby was born. I’ll have to pop back. Baby number 3?………



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