12 things I wish I’d known before I had my first baby….

1) Newborns feed a lot! Or should I say often. I did learn this pretty fast though. Cluster feeds and growth spurts. No one told me about those.

2) Dressing baby in trousers and tops or baby bundlers is easier for bleary eyed changes than babygrows with their million buttons or press studs.

3) Slather on the lanolin from the very first feed and after every single one afterwards to give your nipples a chance.

4) You can buy washable breast pads. Large bamboo ones are best. Saves an absolute fortune, they don’t look wrinkly under your clothes or rustle when you move.

5) A sling such as a stretchy wrap can give you your hands back. Especially useful at meal times although baby sometime gets a coating of sauce. You can even breastfeed hands free in a stretchy!

6) Umbrella fold buggies are pants. Full stop.

7) Letting baby cry for two minutes while you go to the toilet/eat a sandwich/finish your drink will not hurt them and does not make you a bad parent.

8) Padded sleep suits keep baby toastier all over than baby sleeping bags. Warm baby = happy baby.

9) A baby that sleeps all day won’t sleep at night. It took me a couple of months to work this one out and I forgot again second time around!

10) Not all babies like dummies. Maybe frustrating when they’re little and just want to suckle but at least you won’t be repeatedly woken in the night to retrieve a dummy that’s fallen out or have to deal with trying to persuade them they don’t need one when they’re three!!

11) Not all babies like bottles. Some never do but trying them with one every day from a week or two old will give you a chance at combination feeding if that’s what you’d like to do.

12) Whatever crazy thing baby/toddler is doing is only a phase and will be short lived. They won’t be crying all night teething when they’re 18 they probably won’t want to snuggle up in bed with you when they’re 12 and you won’t be wiping they’re bum when they’re 15 – you hope!!!


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