Feeding (baby) and Snoozing (me!) on the move……


I am happy to feed my baby anywhere at all but it’s nicer for both of us if I find us a comfy, cosy spot.
Well today I found the best spot so far.

The Nursing Nest at Kiddiecare should , and probably does, win awards.

I bought a drink and then mentioned that I would push baby over to the nest and come back for my drink. “No need” they told me “we’ll bring it over”. Wonderful!! So off we went to the nest. There is a water machine in there along with four leather rocking recliner chairs. It gets better. There is a feeding pillow on each chair, a playmat on the floor and a little toddler sized table and chairs.

We got comfy and then half way through the feed the little lady had a stretch on the playmat while I drank my tea.


I decided to really get comfy for the second sitting and decided to recline my chair. Well, we were both soo comfy we dozed off!!!


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