Researching glass and steel bottles again……

I bought a few steel bottles for my eldest daughter when she was around six months old because I was concerned about chemicals leaching from plastic bottles. We still use those steel bottles as sippy cups but a few plastics have crept in.

I bought a glass bottle when our latest addition was born to try out alongside using the steel bottles but it seems she prefers the teats that came with the plastic bottles we have. As she only has one bottle of expressed milk each evening it’s not as scary as if she were having six bottles a day but it still bothers me.

Here is the link to the most recent article about plastics which details extensive laboratory research proving that plastics leach chemicals into our food and drinks the article

The obvious issue with steel bottles is that you can’t see through them. I think this is only really an issue when babies are very small and you become somewhat obsessed with how much they’re drinking. This can only really be important when you’re trying to work out how much to put in the bottle because you don’t know how much they’re drinking when you’re breastfeeding them.

Glass bottles are troublesome for two reasons and they’re both biggies. Firstly, they can break or shatter. Not great when little people are involved. You can get silicone covers for the bottles but I’d still be reluctant to let a baby handle a glass bottle on there own. The second problem is with storing and heating. Most glass bottles can’t be dunked into boiling water and can’t be heated from chilled or frozen. This makes warming milk for feed pretty tricky and inconvenient. Glass bottles are of course heavier too but I don’t see that to be as much of an issue personally.

Soo far my favourite non plastic baby bottle/sippy cup is by a company called Pura. The Pura Kiki is a steel bottle that comes in two sizes and you can have it with a teat or a sippy spout. There are lots of other accessories for them so that you can use the as storage for snacks or convert them to drinking bottles for adults too.

I haven’t met any other mums that use glass or steel bottles so I don’t have anyone to compare notes with but I’m going to keep looking to see what’s out there as alternatives to plastic.


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