Coconut Flour Birthday cake


It will be my firstborn’s second birthday on Sunday. I can’t quite believe it! Time really does fly past when children are about.

I have been researching cakes for a while and thought I might have a go at baking a coconut one. Risky because I haven’t really baked with coconut flour before so I thought I had better do a practice run. I bought my coconut flour from my friend’s lovely organic shop The Organic Life .

I should point out that we don’t follow a paleo diet or any other non grain or restricted diet. I just like coconut really but I also liked the slow carb release properties of coconut flour and that this recipe is sugar free. Especially when making it for children.

There were a few different recipes online that looked simple enough to try. I went for this oneby Nourished Kitchen.

When the coconut flour went in I was quite surprised by how thick the batter went immediately. It was like mixing cement!!


I got the hubby involved to help with the stirring and the little monster herself helped to grease the pans with coconut oil. The batter wasn’t runny enough to pour into the tins. I had to spoon it in and smooth it over. It had the texture of slightly wet mud. Maybe that’s not an appealing likeness but I can’t think of anything else….


The cakes baked faster than the recipe stated. I think 30/35mins rather than 40 or maybe my conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius was a bit off.

I let the cakes cool and then sliced a little off the top to level them. This came in handy as a taster. Hmmmmm I don’t thing it was at all sweet enough. I should have used this recipeinstead. Or maybe I should have guessed that a sugar free cake was never going to be sweet!

To rectify the situation I made a lemon sugar syrup, made holes in the cakes with a cocktail stick and poured it over. I then made a buttercream icing.

The finished article looked pretty good and the cake was moist and perfectly acceptable but not amazing


My best bud was over for pancake day and got excited when she spied the cake so I used her and her sweet tooth as a guinea pig. She said the same as us. It was an ok cake but not great.

The proof is that there is still half a cake on the cake stand seven days on. That never happens!

We can’t have just an ok birthday cake so it’s back to the drawing board for me……


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