Phil and Ted 1 Double Trouble 0


A very kind friend has very generously allowed us to borrow her double pushchair to try out.

It’s a Phil & Teds explorer with baby Cocoon and doubles seat.

The main problem for me is the weight of the darn thing. The main pushchair alone weighs 12kgs. With the doubles kit on plus basket, canopy and bumper bar it’s about 15kgs in total. That’s a hefty pushchair!

I had our two yr old weighed today she is bang on 13kgs and the little one is just over 5kgs at 6weeks. That’s 33kgs before I’ve added any luggage such as nappies/books/toys/drinks etc so let’s say it’s a round 35kg. That is more than half of my body weight!!

Getting it up and down curbs fully loaded takes some serious muscles. My cargo suffered a fair bit of jolting and rocking about.

The chunky wheels make it a bit easier than my bugaboo when it comes to uneven ground. The fold is surprisingly compact so it fits neatly in my boot without the need to remove any wheels or the doubles seat. Very good.

I was running late to meet friends ( the result of a nappy explosion and a refusal to get coat and wellies on) so I jogged with it for quite a while which was pretty easy.

I’ve mainly tried it out for walking from home but today I used it for a shopping trip. I felt quite restricted as to where I could go because of the size of it and lifting it in and out of the car was a work out!

So far I dont think I’m a fan. I’ve found it easier to carry (babywear) one and push the other. It has only been at nap time that I’ve really felt it has been of benefit to me so far but maybe as both littlies grow and get heavier I’d use it more.

Ugh!! Decisions, decisions!!!

At the very least Phil and Ted won today at sleep time. Two happily sleeping wee ones…..


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