Well time is flying by again. Little Scarlet is now two months old and growing fast. At 6 weeks she weighed 11lb and was 56cm long so i’m guessing shes nearly 12lbs now

She’s smiling and laughing – mainly at Sienna – and managing to stay awake for around 1.5hrs in between eating and sleeping.

Sleep is a bit of a tricky one. Generally she sleeps pretty well. At night she will sleep for around five or six hours but not until 10:30/11pm. I know that part of the problem is that she sleeps for most of the day but I’m finding that difficult to avoid. While out and about doing things with Sienna she happily snoozes and when we first get home I take the opportunity to quickly get lunch or dinner sorted before waking her. I can’t see a solution to this unless we just stay at home all day but that would drive Sienna crazy. I think naturally over time she will become more interested in the activities that I’m doing with Sienna and stay awake more. Until then my evenings are all about cluster feeding.

I think there is some truth in the saying that breastfeeding is 10%lactation and 90%determination because the have been a few evenings where it really would have been a lot easier for me if she would take bottles. I know that doing that too often too soon will ruin my milk supply though. Maybe it should be 10% lactation, 40% knowledge and 50% determination. There are plenty of occasions where breastfeeding is helpful at the moment. I can feed Scarlet and still have one hand free to eat,drink, draw or play with Sienna, open doors etc. can’t do any of those if I’m holding a bottle aswell as the baby.

Because of attending classes and toddler groups there really is no routine at the moment. She sleeps when she’s tired and she eats when she’s hungry. Rarely does this fall into the classic 4hr routine. I didn’t put Sienna in a routine either. She found her own and I’m confident Scarlet will too.

One if the most stressful things about having two children is that you inevitably can’t always meet all of their needs all of the time. At the moment it seems that urgent nappy changes cause the most upset. Scarlet might have just decided that she’s ravenously hungry but if Sienna has just filled her nappy or wants to sit on the toilet then that takes priority.

When things happen the other way around its not quite so stressful because I can explain to Sienna that Scarlet is having some milk or a nappy change etc. and ask if she could wait just a little while. Most of the time Sienna is remarkably patient but on the odd occasion she has become frustrated about having to wait. For me, addressing Sienna’s needs first seems to work because I can then see to Scarlet without being rushed and it seems to minimise the number of occasions where they could both be crying at the same time which is awful.

Scarlet is already a more delicate personality than Sienna. She prefers to be held and doesn’t like to sleep alone. She jumps and cries at noises – Sienna would look surprised but was never too upset. Scarlet likes to fall asleep whilst suckling so I’ve been tempted by the dummy a few times but then I remember what a nuisance they are to get rid of. Sienna would just fall asleep when she was tired and still does now. Scarlett needs a bit of help by rocking or feeding.

Finally one of the most important things that’s changed since Scarlet was one month old is that I’ve registered her birth. Just one day before the deadline. Scarlet Azalea Oates. Notice we went for one T not two. Two seemed too posh. We’re not posh.



2 Months Old

Well time is flying by again. Little Scarlet is now two months old and growing fast. At 6 weeks she weighed 11lb and was 56cm long so i’m guessing shes nearly 12lbs now…


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