Making my own brew


The day I had Scarlet a lovely friend gave me a bag of raspberry leaf tea and a mothers milk tea. She didn’t know I was in labour at that point but it was perfect timing.

Both were from Star Child in Glastonbury. I’d run out of raspberry capsules and tea but was reluctant to buy more soo close to when I was due.

I drank the raspberry tea thorought labour and delivered our healthy 8lb6oz baby girl with just a little gas and air 16hrs after the first twinge and with only four minutes of pushing. She was a hungry little lady, suckling pretty solidly until around 6am.

We were home 12hrs later and I started drinking the mothers milk tea using a litre caffetier. My milk came in that evening in rather dramatic style and I continued to drink at least a litre of the tea every day until it ran out.

After looking around online to find some more I was a bit put off by the price. £5.95 for 16bags of organic tea!! What was in them? I read the ingredients of a few different brands. Did a bit of research and then decided I’d have a go at making my own tea. How hard can it be?

I set about buying all the different herbs and seeds and then I tried each ingredient on its own to see how it tasted, if it worked and if there were any negative affects on me or baby.

After a bit of trial and error I have now settled on my own Mothers Milk Tea blend and it’s worked out much cheaper than buying it.

I wonder if I can grow the ingredients myself too…….,



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