The potatoes might have had it……

We popped over to the plot to water yesterday only to find that the tops of the potatoes that had begun to poke out were all shrivelled and black!!!
The ground was moist so it couldn’t have been drought.
Turns out there had been a frost in the middle of the night – someone has a weather station on their plot- so everyone’s potatoes were affected.


Only a few plants had sprouted above the ground so we’re hoping we will still get a crop.

To stop the pigeons eating our seedlings we’ve put some little windmills in our plot.


They probably won’t last long or do an amazing job but they look pretty and putting them together was a good toddler activity. I think I’ll get a few more, they really make our plot stand out.


2 thoughts on “The potatoes might have had it……

  1. Mine have done that, i was told it was frost damage but they should recover. i have to make sure that i keep earthing them up, at least 3 times they need to be covered in soil whilst growing.


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