A tricky shopping trip with baby…

So, I’m out at a local retail park trying to do a quick bit of shopping whilst the big one is with her childminder. All seems to be going well until the little monster decides she fancies some food. She’s still refusing bottles so I’ve got to find somewhere to breast feed her. The choice is MacDonalds or Costa. I go for Costa hoping to find a cosy corner and a coffee wouldn’t be a bad idea.

It’s throwing it down with rain so I dash over as quickly as possible with screaming baby. Order a drink and a snack, pay for them then look for a seat. Whoops. It’s jam packed with people just using the free WiFi. The only empty table is next to the sugar and stirrers which also happens to be under the newspapers, opposite the entrance and right next to the till.

What to do. Abandon the coffee and go home. It’d take about 30mins. Baby is already unhappy and I’m pretty sure she’s filled her nappy in protest. Or, I could stay, be brave and feed my baby.

It takes me a couple of minutes to make the decision whilst waiting for my coffee. I decide to go for it. I know I shouldn’t feel embarrassed or nervous about breastfeeding in public but up until now I’ve always managed to find somewhere pretty discreet.

It starts out ok but about a minute in there is a loud noise letting me know that the nappy is really being tested. I have to pack away my phone and ipad and ask a neighbouring table to keep an eye on my coffee and coat.

Once the nappy is sorted I come back and settle myself to finish the feed. The little one starts fussing mid feed. I try to rematch her but my scarf gets caught in the buttons on my sleeve and gets pulled up displaying my exposed nipple to all and sundry just as a very smart looking gent is trying to return his paper. Ugh! The gent apologises profusely as do I.

Thankfully the rest of the feed goes without a hitch and I get to enjoy my coffee. I’m sure there were people in there thinking I was a crazy, militant, hippy feeding in a prominent position on purpose to make a statement (there is a Sports Direct just across from Costa) but that really really wasn’t the case. Sometimes you just need to feed your baby the way nature intended and have little choice about where or when. Simple as that.



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