The easiest way to get jobs done with a baby


I wish I’d been shown how to do this with my first little person. We didn’t get brave enough to put her on our back until she was around one year old.

Cooking, cleaning, gardening, building sand castles, changing a toddler etc can all be done easily and safely with little one on my back. The added bonus is that it helps her fall asleep. I think the warmth of my body helps her doze off. She can have a good look around at what’s going on around her too which I think tires her out.

Today after Scarlet fell asleep I lay her down and Sienna asked if it was her turn to go on my back so she rode around up there while I swept the floor and made her dinner.

It’s a great toning workout for me too. A winner all round!!




One thought on “The easiest way to get jobs done with a baby

  1. Thanks sharing this … even though we don’t have children now ! But reads blog like your is always the most happy things i like to do to listen sweet trouble and learning How to be a mother If i have childern 🙂


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