Scarlet by name Scarlet by …… Illness

We had a little jaunt to the out of hours clinic with Scarlet who developed a rash all over her body but mainly on her legs and feet.

It appeared overnight but due to the lovely weather I thought it must just be a heat rash. Over the course of the day the blotches multiplied and her cheeks became more and more flushed.

When I called our GP they weren’t able to see us so I had to use the 111 service. They arranged for an evening appointment at our local walk in/out of hours clinic.

At the clinic the Dr saw a very blotchy leg poking out and commented on her being very very spotty before odd even taken her clothes off. He looked at her tongue and tonsils – she did not like that – before taking her blood pressure and temperature. He said she was showing classic symptoms of Scarlet Fever although her tonsils only looked a tiny bit sore.

Her symptoms included:
– A ‘strawberry tongue’
– A slight temperature
– Very red cheeks and chin
– A rash all over her body but most prominently on her legs and feet
– runny nose
– cough/sore throat

She was also a bit grumpy and struggling to sleep for more than 20mins at a time.

The dr prescribed antibiotics saying he felt it was Scarlet Fever though it could be a virus. He wanted to err on the side of caution with her being soo little.

In the morning Scarlet’s rash was no longer very red her skin just felt rough. We started the antibiotics which she seems to like. It’s a bright orange syrup. That seems to have upset her tummy a bit and she now wants to feed every couple of hours. No sleep for me!

She had a nappy leak in the early hours so I found myself scrubbing a mattress as the sun came up. She’s also very clingy – rather unsuprisibgky and just wants to be cuddled all day long. That just isn’t really possible when also looking after Sienna so I’ve had to hear her cry more than I’d want to.

Generally she seems on the mend although I’m writing this while up feeding her at 1am after only just being up with her 1hr and 15mins ago. It’s going to be a loooonnnng night!


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