24 hours in the life of me…. On a bad day!

Reading this could be a great contraceptive!!

This was back in April so Baby was 9weeks old and Toddler 25months. I messaged it to a few friends at the time when I was beside myself. It is a bit of an extreme example. I can look back on it with a sense of humour now.

As a bit of background my husband had been ill all weekend so I had been on full time duty and was already running on empty. This was the Monday and both girls were clearly feeling a bit under the weather too.

Day started at

2:30 Baby awake for feed which is fine but took 45mins to settle back to sleep. 
5:30am Toddler crying and shouting “no!!”. Get her a drink of water. Discover she’s done a poo that has escaped her nappy. She was angry that she’d been woken by a poo.
Just get her cleaned up and calmed down when
6.15am Baby crying for food. Change her and feed her while Toddler crys to go downstairs.
7am go downstairs and sort breakfast while Toddler cries.
8am get myself and Toddler dressed while she cries – she hates all her clothes today
9am try to tidy up in kitchen and get things ready to go to the park (Toddler asked to go) while Toddler cries about not liking her sticker book/wellies/coat.
10:30am finally get out the door. Toddler refuses to walk
11am finally get to the park. Toddler announces she’s hungry and Baby starts crying.
11:20 in local deli/cafe order Toddler’s favourites and feed Baby while Toddler strips off all clothes.
11:40 leave cafe after Toddler refused to eat anything and tried to leave without me
11:50 back home Toddler crying because she doesn’t want to nap. Baby screaming for more food while I rock Toddler to sleep. No point trying to read a book with her.
12:30pm. Baby is finally sleeping, on my chest. The house looks like a bomb hit I haven’t looked in the fridge/freezer for dinner yet. The laundry has been sitting wet in the machine since 7am and I am SHATTERED!!! I Reply to a few emails and messages.
14:45 Wake up when Baby starts looking for some food. Can’t believe I’ve fallen asleep!!
14:50 Change and feed Baby
15:15 Toddler starts crying in her cot. I’m still feeding
15:25 Baby fills nappy. It leaks. We both need a change of clothes.
15:35 Both changed so go to collect Toddler who has given up crying and gone back to sleep!
16:00 Toddler up and changed and the three of us are downstairs having a snack. I sort washing and try to tidy and clean kitchen, living room and dining room.
16:20 Baby starts crying. She’s tired and hungry. Sit down to feed her and Toddler tries to climb on my lap too. She starts crying because she wants me to play with her.
16:50 put Baby in her Moses basket and build blocks with Toddler
17:30 start dinner. Toddler starts crying because she wants me to play with her and she wants her dinner. This wakes Baby up so she starts crying as well.
17:45 dinner in oven – baked risotto – give Toddler a snack because dinner is so late
18:00 Husband finishes work and is greeted with total calm but complete mess. Toddler is colouring at kitchen table. Baby is gurgling happily in her swing.
18:30 Eat dinner while feeding baby
19:00 husband puts Toddler to bed. She cries because she doesn’t want to go
19:30 – 22:15 Baby cluster feeds. And is on and off the boob every 20-30minutes! Thankfully husband tidies up and cleans away dinner things.
22:15 put baby in bed and change into PJs.
22:30 organise things for the next day. Pushchair in car boot. Pack change bag and put in boot too. Cereal bowls and cups on table and coffee machine on timer. Laundry loaded into machine and put on timer to finish early morning.
23:00 wash face, brush teeth and bed.


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