A bedtime routine for two.

Notice the title is a statement this time rather than a question. I’ve sort of got a system in place that kind of works.

It goes like this.

Sort milk for both children. Toddler’s cold in beaker. Baby’s warmed.

Give Baby half her feed while Toddler drinks her milk and sings songs/reads books.

If I’m going to bath both girls I put The big one in first and let them splash together. I then take out baby dry her and dress her on the bathroom floor while toddler plays in bath.

Take toddler out of bath and wrap in towel.

Lie Baby in her cot for a kick around/gaze at mobile/fondle toys

Put baby’s bottle in warmer on low. (I don’t want to damage the boob milk by cooking it!)

Change Toddler into PJ’s. Read book together. I sometimes bring baby in to join in the book.

Put toddler in bed.

If no bath give baby a little massage.

Change baby into fresh a nappy and sleepsuit.

Close curtains and give rest of milk

Pop baby in cot and tuck her in tightly to stop her spinning around flipping about.

This process usually takes about 45mins to an hour.


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