Just when I thought I had it all under control….

Things went a bit Pete Tong….

I don’t often venture into supermarkets these days. In fact I swore I never would with two kiddos in tow but a much braver and savvier mother than I inspired me to try it out.

The first time was a nightmare which ended in me abandoning the trolley and leaning with two crying children. While in France I forgot we had a baby with us and left her in the fruit and veg section . I was soo preoccupied with weighing and labelling my avocados I didn’t realise until I joined my husband at the checkout and he asked where she was. Whoops!!

So off we went today to the ‘blue’ supermarket. It was all going well with lots of smiles and giggles from baby and educational discussions about different fruit and veg with toddler.

I got through the check out happily and all was well so I smugly thought I was home and dry.

As we were leaving my 2yr old announced that she would like to walk down the escalator. Well, she had been soo beautifully behaved I thought why not. I popped my purse in my bag so my hands were free and whipped her out of the trolly. She trotted along holding my hand giggling as we approached the moving walk way but just as I pushed the trolly with her four month old baby sister on to it she jumped back and started crying. Pants. I couldn’t let go of a full trolly with baby on top so I had to leave her. I was calling to her that it was ok and she should get on but she wouldn’t.

As the escalator carried me further away her cries turned into full blown screams which pealed out across the store. Everyone on both the up and down escalators turned to stare at the teeny toddler jumping up and down, arms stretched out screaming and crying. As a crowd gathered around her I was very very tempted to get out my phone and take a picture. A man on the up escalator shouted across to me (the two run side by side) that I was being cruel and should go get her. Numpty.

The shopping, baby and I were almost at the bottom and I thought my little abandoned toddler was about to throw up from crying when a nice lady wandered over to her and took her hand. She shouted down to me to ask if I’d like her to bring my little one down and I gratefully said yes please. As she turned to my daughter I think she was taken by surprise as a little body hurled itself into her arms and cling on. I couldn’t help but laugh. The poor woman was practically being strangled as well as deafened and coated in snot and tears.

When we were reunited at the bottom I thanked the Samaritan lady and walked out with toddler on hip yelling ‘mummy left me!!!’ ‘You left me!!’.

Lesson learned. Anything can happen with a toddler in tow and your mission hasn’t actually been safely accomplished til your bum – and theirs – are back at home.20140627-210514-75914974.jpg


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