Potty/toilet training We’re finally committed…..


To toilet training that is…..

We’ve been sort of dabbling at it for a while but up until this point we really haven’t been 100% committed. Sienna is totally capable and ready and has been for a while but there just hasn’t been a convenient time. We’re always going here there and everywhere so we haven’t wanted to deal with accidents whilst out and about but we’ve come to accept that the perfect time just isn’t going to appear and so we are just going to have to go for it.

There have been a few false starts where Sienna has managed a morning or an afternoon dry but then had an accident so I’ve caved and put pull ups on her. It’s really quite stressful having to remind her constantly and watch for signs that she might need to go. There have been two wees on the floor at Tiny Talk, numerous on our dining room floor and a poo in her pants so far. Even Scarlet has been pee’d on – poor mite! But I realise that instead of responding to these accidents by putting a nappy on her we need to talk about what happened and learn from it.

We’re already a couple of ‘practice days’ in. Basically for these days of getting my head around where to go, what to do and what to take with me I’ve allowed the odd emergency pair of pull up pants but now we’re all in. Cold turkey, pants only except bedtime. It’s summer so there are no coats or tights to deal with. No classes or groups to worry about and it’s easy to get all the extra laundry dry.

I’ve bought a book mainly because it had lots of stickers in but also because I don’t really know what I’m doing! I’ve also bought lots and lots of cheap pairs of pants and this morning Sienna and I made a sticker chart together. Every time she uses the toilet or potty she gets to put a sticker on the chart and at the end of the day we count them up and she gets a treat.

I’ll post about how we get on but in the meantime all tips and suggestion will be gratefully received.



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