Hungry little lady

Whilst the avocado I had bought with the intention of being used as Scarlet’s first food weren’t yet ripe and ready for eating, Scarlet most definitely was ready.

She’s been showing an interest in food for a few weeks but she had started to lunge and grab for it. Very keen. All my careful planning went out the window when her daddy offered her a little mashed potato on Friday evening. No encouragement was required. As the fork approached her face she opened her mouth wide to receive it! It’s no wonder both girls are totally in love with Daddy.

On Saturday morning while we were having breakfast at the table we popped a piece of toast in front of her. She happily gnawed at it while we ate so we offered her a few spoons for mashed carrot to try. She loved that too. There was no pushing the food back out or coaxing her to open her mouth. This baby seems to like food so at 24weeks (5months and 22days) old, weaning has begun in an ad hoc style.


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