Toilet Training Cold Turkey – Day 1

Well we didn’t get off to a great start. There was a wee on the sofa while engrossed in watching Frozen with Daddy. We had a chat about what happened put some fresh pants on and moved on. I felt partly responsible for this one. I should have reminded her. Then there was a wee on the floor that seemed to be on purpose because she was right next to the potty. I was beginning to think this could be a bad idea 😬…….

But I was wrong! For the rest of the day she was dry. We went to visit a friend spending 30mins in the car each way and we popped to a supermarket. All without incident. I reminded her quite a lot but she just piped up when she needed to go. Including on the way home in the car. We had just got into the village, it was pelting with rain but Sienna announced that she needed to go. So I pulled over the car, got out and held her in the ‘parent pee hover’ trying to protect her from the rain. I got soaked but she did what she needed to do. Motherhood is sooo glamorous!
She definitely enjoyed putting the stickers on the chart each time she successfully used the loo or potty.

Day 1 stats.
5 stickers on the chart
3 pairs of pants used.


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