Toilet training Cold Turkey – Day 3

No accidents!!! All ablutions successfully completed in the proper vessel. We were out at the park in the morning and the garden all afternoon with a short visit to my parent’s house. When she’s needed to go she has just taken herself off to do her business.

The gaps between her needing to go have gotten much longer too. It was about every 30mins at first but now she can easily last for the duration of her two hour nap.

I’m not getting ahead of myself. We haven’t been I. A situation where I’ve needed her to wait a couple of minutes yet.

She’s not a fan of potties and much prefers toilets so I can see that could cause problems in the future if no toilet is available. When using the toilet she doesn’t like us hanging around instead insisting that we leave her alone. Fine for wees. Not so great for poos. She doesn’t like me asking her if she needs to go either. She’s less likely to go if I really want her to.

I’m pretty chuffed with how quick she had caught on though. Fingers crossed it continues. We’re out all day tomorrow so that will be quite a test I think.

Today’s Stats
5 Stickers on the chart
1 pair of pants used


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