Toilet Training Cold Turkey – Day 5

Another accident free day. So I think that’s it for us. No more nappies or pull ups. Pants and toilets all the way.

Looking back I can see that Sienna was ready for this quite a while ago but we weren’t. I didn’t want toilet training to be hugely stressful so I needed to wait until Scarlet was a bit bigger and more settled and predictable. There have still been odd occasions where Sienna has announced that she needs to poo whilst Scarlet is mid feed. Thankfully she’s not too dramatically upset about being whipped off the boob and planted on the floor or in her pushchair while I whisk Sienna off to the nearest facilities. I’m certain she wouldn’t have been quite soo chilled when she was under three months old.

I know there will be lots of incidents along the way but for some reason this feels like a major milestone to me. Sienna really is a little girl now.

Day 5 Stats
6 Stickers on chart
1 pair of pants used



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