It may be time for a bed…….

I had just made a cup of tea and was settling down to feed Scarlet when Sienna – who was supposed to be in her cot asleep – moseyed into the room like butter wouldn’t melt.

I had just looked at the monitor and thought to myself that Sienna must have fallen asleep in the corner of her cot as all was quiet. I panned the camera around her room just incase but there was no sign of her.

Well, it turns out that she had needed a wee so she quietly climbed out of her cot and brought herself downstairs minus her pants! There was no loud thud so she didn’t fall out of the cot. It makes me wonder if she had done it before?!

Now I’m concerned that she’ll do this again. In the night. While we’re asleep!!!! Our baby gate is at the top of the stairs so even if we close that she still has full access to all of the bedrooms and bathroom and is able to open all the doors. Eeeeek!!

This is the thing with children and parenthood in general. There is constant change. Just when you think you’ve got a plan,system or routine that works, the little people change something. There is no way to avoid it or put it off. When they’re ready for the next thing they just crack on and do it. It makes for a very unpredictable life and the more children that you have in the mix the crazy life gets. In a good way.


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