First morning at Pre-School

P1050404 This morning was Sienna’s first day at pre school. We had been talking about it for months so she was beyond excited. Its just in the centre of the village in the church hall so we walked there and she was full of chatter all the way asking me questions like ‘why is it sunny?’ and ‘where does rain come from’!!
Once in the que to enter Sienna seemed a little nervous. She went very quiet whilst staring at all the other children. Most of the children were holding their bags in their hands so Sienna quickly whipped hers off to stand the same way.
Within moments of being inside she was off playing without a second glance at me and Scarlet. At one point whilst standing at a painting table with three other children i could hear Sienna telling them her name, that Scarlet is her little sister and that her daddy is at work. I wandered over to look at her art work and she turned to me and said ‘they’re not talking mummy, they all shy’. Her Key worker – Louise – thought this was very amusing.
Scarlet and I stayed for the whole session just watching what was going on. It was really interesting to see how Sienna behaved in this sort of setting. She all of a sudden seemed much more grown up doing things for herself such as blowing and wiping her nose and putting the tissue in the bin, using the toilet, taking her coatand shoes on and off and washing her hands. Of course she does all these things at home but usually with me asking repeatedly and offering lots of help. Here, she just did things on her own initiative. Brilliant to see.
When playing outside I watched Sienna learn to walk on upturned cups like stilts for the first time and when it was time to sing Sienna joined in with gusto and signed the songs!!
All of the staff commented on how confident she is for a two year old so I think its safe to say she settled in well and really enjoyed it.


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