Food Food Food, family food .

What and how we feed our children was always going to be very important to us. We’re keen to set them up with healthy eating habits to avoid them spending their adult lives on diets. All meals are served at the table and the highchairs we chose are the sort that pull right up to the table without a tray to make them feel entirely involved and a part of mealtimes. The special seat on one of the chairs has allowed both girls to sit at the table during mealtimes from birth! One of us always trys to seat and eat with the girls too to set a good example about table manners and to encourage them to eat. Television during meals is a definite no no too.

Now that our littlest lady is eating well too I’ve been working hard to find meals that all the family can eat. Like most mums I don’t have time to prepare different meals for each of us. I need meals that are quick and easy to prepare so that I can spend more of my time doing things with the girls.

I’ve found it difficult to find family recipes. It seems most blogs and books like to put their recipes into a specific category – baby led weaning, paleo, grain free, puréed baby, childrens, budget, low calorie etc etc. we don’t follow any kind of restricted diet. Just a wide range of healthy food. Along the way I’ve picked up recipes here and there and adapted them so that I can prepare one meal that I can serve up to all of us. Baby and toddler through to health conscious adult.

I’ve decide to do a few posts on the meals that I’ve come up with so that the girls can look back when they’re older and see what I was feeding them but also to help anyone else who is looking for the same sort of thing. No fuss family food.



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