Food Food Family Food: Mini Frittatas


I tend to make these when I need a quick snack but have no time to spend preparing food. Such as when my baby is teething and feeling especially clingy or when I’m running around like a whirling dervish trying to get laundry, cleaning, paperwork and odd jobs done while my toddler is in preschool. They can be eaten hot or cold and you can basically alter the contents depending on whatever you’ve got hanging about in the fridge and who will be eating them. My baby happily gums her way through these as finger food and my toddler likes to dip them in houmous! I usually wolf them down on the run as a snack or with a big green salad as a meal. I should point out that they’re not really authentic frittatas but they’re my version.


Silicon muffin tray with six spaces baking tray that the muffin tray fits into bowl whisk/fork Scissors or knife and chopping board grater

4 Large eggs
1 Spring Onion
Handful of mushrooms
handful of rocket/spinach leaves
6 cooked new potatos
couple of slices of ham/chicken/chorizo
enough hard cheese to cover each frittata
salt and pepper if for over 1yrs

Pre heat your oven to 180’C Stand your muffin tray on the baking tray. This makes it easier to transfer to the oven. Divide all the ingredients except the eggs between the cups of the muffin tray. I usually just snip the spring onion with scissors and break the potatoes and mushrooms up with my hands. Once you’ve got all your dry ingredients in the muffin tray. Crack your eggs into the bowl and whisk them up. Season if you like then pour over the dry ingredients in the muffin tray. Grate some cheese over the top of each frittata and that is it! Pop them in the over for 15-20mins while you do whatever else you need to do. Let them cool a little before you try to pop them out of the muffin tray. Serve up!


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