Choosing a 1st Christmas present

What to get for baby’s first Christmas? I know from experience that babies are more impressed by twinkly lights, baubles and wrapping paper than gifts.
It’s soo easy to get caught up in the wave of must have toys and bits of unnecessary baby kit all of which get used for only a couple of months at most.
We bought our first daughter a couple of personalised Books for her first Christmas. She now adores reading these books about herself but I’m not sure they’ll survive her toddlerhood!

I wanted to get our littlest lady a gift that she could get lots of use from, that would be memorable and also, be treasured for years to come. Something that not every other child was going to have. A big ask.
After months of consideration and thought I finally settled on getting her her first pair of shoes. Almost every baby and most toddlers I know wear Clarks shoes. They are renowned for being well made and comfortable but I wanted something a little different, something more special.
A pair of Early Days shoes like Prince George got some serious thought but then remembered an article I had seen a while back in Green Parenting Magazine about leather moccasins being the best shoes for babies developing feet. After a bit of googling I found Amy and Ivor. Perfect. British handmade shoes that are a bit different and that my baby can wear every day until she outgrows them. Then they can go on display in her room before going into her keepsake box hopefully to be passed down to my grandchildren one day. I know I would love to have some of my baby shoes for my children to wear.
So, that’s one Christmas present sorted this year. Only around another twenty something to go!

I would love to know what people have chosen for their baby’s first Christmas present?


2 thoughts on “Choosing a 1st Christmas present

    1. It is difficult to work out what to get when theyre soo little. The things that interest them today are quite different from those that will interest them by next summer. Happy shopping!


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