My baby is wearing a baby grow today because…..

IMG_7848She’s a baby!!!!

I was out at a toddler group watching my two yr old and 11month play when a lady near me said ‘Tough day? Haven’t managed to dress the baby?’ I was just about to start explaining that as it was a very cold day I thought she would be warmer and more comfortable in a baby grow when I stopped. Why did I need to justify to a stranger what I had chosen for my baby to wear that day. Instead I said ‘No, I just think she’s more comfortable dressed like this’.

People seem totally obsessed with dressing babies in ‘adult style’ clothes. I look at it like this – if I was going to spend most of my day rolling around the floor, sitting or sleeping, would I prefer to be wearing jeans, shoes, and a jumper Or a onesie? Errrr it’s a no brainer!!!

Why not just let babies be babies? They are only little for such a short time. They’ve got plenty of time to wear jeans soo tight they can barely breath or silly and itchy but trendy tops. Why rush.

As my little lady begins to spend more of her time on her feet and once she starts walking I shall be more inclined to dress her in more grown up clothes and soft shoes but for now, I’m happy with her wearing babygrows most of the time.

Most importantly though as long as the baby is comfy, why pass comment? As if mothers and babies need judging for their choice of clothes as well as everything else!?


6 thoughts on “My baby is wearing a baby grow today because…..

  1. I’m with you on this! They are babies for such a short time and baby grows are so incredibly cute…on babies! I discovered, that as soon as I had children the world and it’s wife had an opinion about how we werw doing and they weren’t shy at letting us know. We were berated by an elderly couple at an Airport once for putting our babygirl into a pale blue jumper…even though it had butterflies and kittens stitched into it. Apparently it made her look like a boy & we had no right to dress her like one. They were cross about it.
    We knew it was her likeness to Winston Churchhill that was the reall usdue at stake… Great post 🙂

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