Scarlet has chicken pox

Well of course, it was inevitable. She’s been generally fine with it so far except for a slight upset tummy. When the blisters appeared yesterday she became a tiny bit more clingy but she’s always been a fan of cuddles. She will regularly make her way over to us and wrap her arms tightly around our necks.

We been applying the Poxclin mousse and giving her oat baths just like we did with Sienna. The big difference is that Sienna didn’t like the mousse or the spray so we had to beg and bribe her to let us out it on her. Scarlet seems to be enjoying all the extra pampering. She is especially enjoying all the naked time!

The spots have been a bit slower to appear than they were on Sienna but Scarlet now has a fair smattering of them. Let’s hope they clear up quickly!







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