Winning the nap battle.

IMG_0348If I really need a bit of time to get a few jobs done then a stroll out in the pushchair is a winner for all of us. A bit of fresh air and a change of scenery does us all the world of good and gives us a chance to chat about the scenery. Often when we go for walks I’ll have my littlest on my back in a carrier but she tends to wake as soon as I take her off so not a good option if I’m hoping for them both to have a nice long nap while I cook/clean/write/rest!

I miss the days where if I lay down with them they would sleep. It meant nothing got done of course but as I’m soo often reminded, they grow and become independent soo quickly that you have to treasure those moments and forget about the laundry and dishes.

My big girl is almost three so she is getting a bit big to fit into the seat and probably won’t be napping for much longer. After a busy morning both baby and toddler are tired and in need of a snooze but sometimes they just can’t bring themselves to lie down and relax. There is just to much to see and do.

I generally believe that children will sleep when they’re tired and for as long as they need to so there is no point battling them over it but a little encouragement doesn’t hurt. If they weren’t at all tired the pushchair wouldn’t win.

They both sleep soo well when they nap outside. A nap in bed is usually and hour for each of them but a nap outside is easily two hours and then they both sleep really well at bedtime too. We should do it more often.



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