Reducing the chemicals in our diet.

I’m unreasonably excited about my new glass food storage. The Pyrex one can go in the oven and the freezer so I can make a dish in advance, freeze it and then pop it in the oven when I need it. Brilliant! I really shouldn’t be quite so thrilled about food storage/cookware!

I’ve been meaning to start switching us over from plastics for ages but I’m only just getting around to it. Partly because it’s an investment however these containers were all in TK Maxx for only a couple of pounds each.

I’m not obsessive or preachy about plastics being bad because there are plenty of situations where plastic containers are more practical and totally safe. We don’t own a microwave so it’s not like we heat plastics often but when out and about I’ll sometimes ask someone to heat food for my one year old. I regularly make my own stock and make and store meals to save time during the week. I can now happily put hot food into container without having a niggling concern about leaching chemicals.

I appreciate that the amount of chemicals leaching out of plastics is very small but it is scientifically proven that does happen and makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

Where switching is not only healthier but also make our lives easier it seems to make good sense to me. They look nice too which is always a winner!!


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