Our first attempt at getting the girls to share a bedroom……

….didn’t go well. That might have been because we had just arrived at their grandparents house which we don’t visit as often as we’d like. They were also in a new room and they had been rudely awoken when the interior lights in the car all came on.

Our toddler almost always goes off to bed without complaint but she was constantly asking for things through the monitor. Toilet, drink, blankey etc. She then started throwing toys into our 1yr old’s cot in what she believed was a helpful manner but was actually just keeping the baby awake.

At one point we had the pair of them crying full blast!

We took the baby out for a cuddle in our room where she quickly fell asleep. Great except that now our big girl was now crying because she had like having her baby sister with her and now didn’t want to sleep alone. Agggghhhh!!!!

We returned our now soundly sleeping baby to the room in her cot. And toddler was now sitting looking at books with her torch. Fine but the torch kept flashing into the baby’s face!

In the end my husband got into bed with our toddler so that she would lie down and relax. Once asleep they thankfully both slept peacefully until 7:30am. I think they would have slept later but our big girl was excited to be at Nanny and Pops house so couldn’t wait to get up and play.

Next time we try to put them in a room together I think we should do it at home or when they’ve been less disrupted.
I’m all ears for advice, tips and tricks for how to manage this successfully in the future. We’ve already got a holiday booked where they will have to share a room so the sooner we get them used to it the better.


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